What can Emby ScripterX do for you?

We barely touch the surface of what this plugin can give you.

Hook into the Emby Core

Attach your scripts to Emby Events, for example - when a user plays media, when new media is added, or removed, or when your library has been scanned

Integrate with Windows, Linux, Mac-OSX

This plugin supports many operating systems. It gives you the ability to be creative on a platform you feel comfortable with. For example, your script could be a windows batch file, a powershell script, bash script or even your own customised application/executable interpreter.

Check out the logs in realtime

Whatever Emby-ScripterX does, it is completely transparent and available in your Emby Server log; from running scripts to attaching to the various interfaces available within the Emby Core.

You'll seriously love the simplicity, power and innovation

Emby-ScripterX is a fully customisable scripting plugin, with a flexible interface to match. Thanks to the amazing support of the Official Emby Forums users, the interface has been developed with the end-user in the driver's seat. This project is extremely active and constantly being improved. Try it out today for free.

Community Driven Examples

In future releases Emby-ScripterX will be utilising the Community Scripts section of the plugin, where an Emby-ScripterX user (hopefully like yourself!) will be able to submit your own custom scripts (in many, many languages) for approval into the Community Script Catalog. This will allow you to share your innovative ideas across the board of the Emby-ScripterX userbase. We want to bring this in safely and securely, so stay tuned!

We're here to help.

Install our latest version of Emby-ScripterX, we guarantee you'll have a use for it. We're also here to help - with limited and helpful support, you'll be expanding on your Emby Mediabrowser's abilities in no time.

Get started now

Grab the production version today - simply download and extract the .dll into your plugins directory.

Download Emby-ScripterX